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January 1, 2015

Fredrik Raddum, Custom Made Campfire, 2008

Press Release

Statoil is a Norwegian multinational oil and gas company headquartered Norway, with operations in thirty-six countries. Additionally Statoil has extensive art collection with more than 700 works of art on display in their offices and installations.

Amongst several of Galleri Brandstrup’s represented artists, Fredrik Raddum is also embodied in the collection and his work Custom Made Campfire (2008) is exhibited outside of the Statoil headquarters in Oslo.

A campfire is a traditional outdoor gathering point, as well as a historically vital source of warmth and light. By eliminating the heat and life from the fire, Fredrik Raddum has created a monument that exceeds its concept and what is left is the lifeless symbol of a campfire. The sculpture is made in stainless steel and mirrors its surroundings. It becomes not only a reflection of the present in a timeless symbol, but it also adapts into a site specific piece; the environment and the observer is seen within the artwork itself.