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Galleri Brandstrup is delighted to announce our upcoming solo exhibiton with Hedevig Anker titled “A light in a Surface”.  The exhibition will open on Thursday, 2nd of November at 6 PM at our offsite gallery space at Lille Stranden 3 in Tjuvholmen, Oslo.

Hedevig Anker's photographic portfolio is intricately intertwined with specific architectural landmarks and locations, each brimming with its own compelling narrative. Her previous works include captivating shots of the Eidsvoll Building and the historic residence of Sigrid Undset at Bjerkebæk. With an unwavering partnership with light, Anker crafts abstract and often minimalist visual narratives, skilfully accentuating the interplay between light and architectural elements such as doors, frames, and surfaces in her subjects.

In conjunction with the upcoming/ongoing exhibition "Harriet Backer: Every Atom is Colour" at the National Gallery this autumn, Anker unveils a curated selection of photographs captured within the hallowed confines of Tanum Church. This is the very same sacred space where Harriet Backer immortalized some of her most iconic works during the 1890s. In the summer of 2019, Hedevig Anker embarked on a visual exploration of the church's exquisite interior, wielding her camera to remarkable effect. The outcome is a captivating series of images that not only pay homage to Harriet Backer's celebrated paintings but also, thanks to Anker's discerning eye for detail, masterfully convey the nuanced interplay between light and architectural aesthetics within this ecclesiastical setting.

These evocative photographs lay the cornerstone for the book "Lyset i flatene - i arkivet etter Harriet Backer" (The Light in the Surfaces - in the Archive of Harriet Backer). Co-authored by Anker alongside Nina M. Schjønsby, this publication, released in 2021, delves deep into the extensive archive of Harriet Backer. It offers an intimately personal and refreshingly insightful perspective on the enduring legacy of this significant artist. Copies of the book will be available for acquisition throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Anker was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo and earned a Master's Degree in Art History from the University of Bergen. She has been an active presence in the Norwegian art scene since the early 2000s and has hosted numerous solo exhibitions, including notable showcases at the Stenersen Museum (2010) and the Lillehammer Art Museum (2016). She has also participated in several prominent group exhibitions, such as The Spring Exhibition, The Autumn Exhibition, and Østlandsutstillingen.